Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Better then a Wine Festival?

 A muscato wine festival of course!

Over the weekend Piazza Carlo Alberto held a wine festival. Starting at 7pm each evening you could pay 10 euros and proceed to go to every one of these booths and try muscato wine from Piedmont's best makers.
Muscat grapes are used to make a variety of sweet dessert wines, which is why they go down so easily. This guy was the best wine server. He was just so happy to be there.
Ahh the wine in all of it's gorgeous golden color. The Muscat grape is the oldest domesticated grape variety, and scientists have analyzed pots from King Midas's burial mound (or the believed tomb of this 8th century king) and determined that Muscat grapes were a key component of the alcoholic beverage served at his funeral feast.


bellatigre said...

I love moscato and dessert wines in general!

Merisi said...

Here in Austria they make a white wine called "Yellow Moscato" - there is a place here where I can get a crawfish tramezzino and a glass of that yellow goodness, mamma mia, I wished I could head over there this very moment!