Friday, June 11, 2010

Get. The. Fever

 Today is the first day of the World Cup. Need a reason to get world cup fever? Let me give you one.

Hooked now? Me too. These are 5 players from the Italian team. (Calcio is Italian for soccer: kal-chò).

This Nike ad gets me pumped up because it stars many of my favorite players in funny situations including, sigh, Cristiano Ronaldo. If you don't get the scenario at first (it took me 2 times before I got it), it shows what happens to a world cup player if he plays good in the world cup and then what could happen if he plays bad. The players are good sports and make fun of themselves and that makes me laugh. 

Life goes on as normal in the US while the World Cup is going on, but here in Italy everything comes to a STAND STILL. I say, Come on US, join the rest of the world and get the cup fever!!

2010 USA World Cup Team:

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