Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check Out My Uniform

 Leave it to the Italians to make even work wear stylish. This is a picture of the window display at the store that sells uniforms here in Torino. It caught my eye. It looks like it would make working in that purple shirt (notice the collar up) and matching apron (comes with that floral broach) fun ! I would hate to get it dirty. Italians take uniforms seriously, after all Armani designed the police uniforms in Milan.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thirty Minus One

Happy Birthday to Pier who over the weekend turned 29, or as my father-in-law put it, 30-1. For his birthday he wanted to have a champagne dinner at our house with his family. I decided to make it an appetiser heaven. It was alot of work but here is what I made.

Il Menu
Roasted potatoes with ricotta and salmon caviar
Baked Gorgonzola  wrapped in prosciutto
Tomo cheese and baked crackers
Smoked salmon with lemon and dill
Marinated artichokes
Whole wheat bread sticks
Ground turkey meatballs with mushrooms on crostini

For dinner we had individual calazones with ricotta, ham, and mozzarella cheese. Sauce on the side.
For dessert I made a cream cheese and mascarpone torte with almonds and cherry marmalade on top.
And even though I was doing dishes for 2 days, a good time was had by all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Coming To a TV Near You...US!

 I am back to blogging after several days of filming an episode of House Hunters International! We had a great time with a camera crew following us around as we viewed several different apartments around Torino and then ending up at our current apartment and filming us moving into it.
TV is funny, having to shoot scenes 3 times in a row, each time more enthusiastic than the last all while acting natural. Our episode won't show until 2011 and we are curious about how they are going to edit us, especially our cheesy kiss at the end in our "new" home.
We met some great people and a once in a lifetime experience was had by all and soon, coming to a TV near you on HGTV, everyone will be able to see what a great city Torino is and maybe a shot or two of me with gelato on my nose.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Following Me

Everywhere I go in Torino, The Mole seems to peek out from every corner. I can't escape it. I think it follows me....
We went to the top of it once and it gave such a good view of the city but you can't be afraid of heights because the way you get to the top is by a glass elevator (glass bottom too) which is NOT for the faint of heart.
It was built to be a Jewish Synagogue but was never used for that. In 1953 a tornado took the roof off and even though it is the symbol of the city, they took almost 10 years to put it back.
I even went to a friends house which was a tram ride and then a bus ride away, and there it was, still staring at me.
I imagine this is what it is like to live in Paris with the Eiffel Tower always around the corner, although The Mole was built 10 years before the Eiffel Tower and it's Metropolitan architecture is what inspired Mr. Eiffel....I'm just saying. (That's true, look it up.)
Anyways, like an annoying little brother, I guess I have gotten used to having The Mole around and now when I see it, it feels like home.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Discover Something New About Your City: Part 4

Perhaps the qusrkiest museum in Torino is the Museum of Human Anatomy. Located at the University of Turin, it was opened in 1898 and houses a collection of curiosities like a Victorian curio cabinet, all pertaining to the human body. It's a museum not for the easily grossed-out and might slightly remind you of the Body Works Exhibition traveling the world now with that aim of education. As you would expect, there are real skeletons, organs preserved in large jars behind dark stained wood and glass cabinets, and examples of diseased parts from medical science. You can even find the brain and skeleton of the museum's founder who's wish it was to be displayed in the museum after his death. Come to think of it, this might be the most fun idea for Halloween.

Museum Link

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Shopping Experiences

 This week I have had 2 completely different shopping experiences. Both sublimely fun and unique in their own way. Bright and early, well 10am, Pier and I put on our best crisp and clean outfits to step out on the town looking as snazzy as we could muster because we were headed on a mission to... Armani! That's right, we had official business (for Pier's work) to be at the Torino Armani store. I got to go along to lend my fashion expertise to choose 2 ties as business gifts for an meeting Pier had with some important clients. First, let me say that I LOVE shopping at Armani. We had to be buzzed in. Once we were in we were greeted by not 1 but 3 associates ready to help us. We asked for the tie department and were escorted downstairs where the kind man, who spoke many languages, opened several drawers with ties of every color. Choosing was the hardest part but finally 2 gray patterned ties were chosen and we were escorted back upstairs. It was blissful. Here is a peek at the chosen ties.
On the complete opposite of shopping experiences, I next went to Triciclo. Triciclo is a way off the beaton path thrift store that is only know by the locals and only open 2 days a week. All the clothes are prices by weight, 3 euros a kilo. I would have never found it if a friend had not told me it was there. All of the money made goes to charity, which I love. There was a fun atmosphere and they were playing Bob Marley while I was shopping (something I'm sure never played at Armani). This is the a picture of the front.
The point is that Italy has many different and exclusive shopping to be had, but it helps if you know a local!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Night at Turin's Most Famous Restaurant

The most elegant and famous restaurant in Torino is Il Cambio. It is, of course, not cheap serving traditional Piedmontese style food including agnolotti, grissini, and veal tonnato. They have a never-ending-basement secret-tunnel-wine-cellar and an in house pastry chef. We started our party on the patio.
 We were lucky enough to be invited to a meet 'n' greet aperitif party for a some out of towners and we jumped at the chance to eat there! The bar was open and free flowing and the waiters were dressed like penguins.
Frescos of cherubs watched us while we ate which reminded me that Il Cambio has been there since 1757. Before that is was a changing station for horses for the mail service. That's where it gets it's name, cambio is Italian for exchange.The first prime Minister of Italy ate lunch here everyday, sometimes with the King of Italy together. What history.
The food kept coming and just when I thought it was finished, the desserts arrived. It was probably the most elegant dinner we've had in Torino.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Door Series #32

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scenes From an Italian Wedding

Here are some scenes from the 3 day Italian wedding, we were lucky enough to be invited to. Italian weddings really are the best. From the food, to the music, to the fashion, to meeting the relatives from all over. This wedding had a twist because a beautiful Italian woman was marring a witty and handsome Brit man. The two cultures collided in a grand way and with a little help from champagne, made a seamless connection.

The most romantic part of the evening was the grooms speech. It was long and in two languages but very funny and sweet. I did record the best part and that was the end when he professed his love which made every man in the audience use his name in vein as they are now going to be held at an impossible standard.Watch and saw "ahhhh", like I did.