Monday, November 17, 2008

For My Birthday I...

Today is my 33rd birthday. 20 years ago for my 13th birthday I made my parents take me to the Ramses exhibition at the Dallas Museum. It sparked a lifetime passion for ancient civilizations. Today, the Dallas Museum is visited by Tutankhamen and I made my parents take me once again. This time the exhibit was full of treasures from King Tut's tomb. I could never choose my favorite thing but there was some amazing jewelry dripping with gold and semi precious stones that would make any girl fall in love. Perhaps in another 20 years I will make my parents take me to Egypt to see the actual pyramids.

Also on this whorl wind birthday weekend, I got to meet one of my most favorite people. The famous travel writer and PBS star Rick Steves! He was giving a talk and slide show at the local library and so my mom and I went to see our travel guru and get some books signed. Here is a blurry picture my mom took of me and the man himself. And here is a non blurry picture of him. He gave a really inspiring and eye opening talk and got me excited to keep seeing the world! So, overall an awesome birthday! One to remember for sure.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Round Two From the Expo!

There were so many things to see at the Wholesale Expo, I had to have a round 2. Check out some more craziness of what we saw.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

See You at the Expo

Here in Texas there is enough room to do everything big. Therefore, Dallas holds alot of expositions from the Monster Truck Show to the Home and Garden Expo. This weekend we headed to Dallas for the "Below Wholesale Expo". An exposition for the shopper who loves to buy Christmas presents direct from a seller who has below wholesale prices. Here are a few pics of the best of the expo, and there were some wild finds! They even had Santa on hand so you could point out your immediate wishes!
There's more! Catch it on tomorrow's post.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, The Day After.

After the kids have had their fun, It's time for the grown-ups to let lose. Our neighborhood has a dress up party the day after Halloween and here are a few pictures of the best costumes.
Gypsy Rose:
Amy Winehouse:

Sarah Palin and 50's Greeser with lipstick kiss from Sarah and a Country Western singer:

Ok, We let 1 or 2 kids join the fun because they've had their costumes still on after about 48 hours and counting.