Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventures at Sundance: Pre-Dance Fun at The Jazz Game

 So as you know I am always sparse at blogging in the month of January because I go home to Utah to visit and to attend the Sundance Film Festival. I also always try to catch at least one Utah Jazz game (GO JAZZ!!). This years game was packed full of excitement, more than your average NBA game and so I had to share two highlights.
First highlight: The best passing I ever saw in person.
Watch this behind the back to behind the back to slam dunk play that made my jaw drop.

Second Highlight:
Then a fight broke out between a Cav fan and out mascot, The Bear. The Cavs fan had brought a sign that said "The Jazz Stink" and so in my opinion he deserved it.

Utah Jazz Bear Fights Cavs Fan - Watch more Sports

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How's This For A New Year's Tradition

 I have heard of many New Years traditions such as eating black-eyed-peas and kissing at midnight but, of course, the Italians take their traditions to crazy extreems. In Rome every year on New Year's Day a handful of men, dressed only in a speedo, jump off a bridge into the freezing cold waters of the Tevere River. It's called "Il tradizionale tuffo nel Tevere", the traditional jump in the Tevere. As for most Italian traditions it is to bring good luck to the jumper and the city for the coming year. The people on the news called it the "pazzo evento", the crazy event. I agree but it's fun to watch...see video below.