Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventures at Sundance: Pre-Dance Fun at The Jazz Game

 So as you know I am always sparse at blogging in the month of January because I go home to Utah to visit and to attend the Sundance Film Festival. I also always try to catch at least one Utah Jazz game (GO JAZZ!!). This years game was packed full of excitement, more than your average NBA game and so I had to share two highlights.
First highlight: The best passing I ever saw in person.
Watch this behind the back to behind the back to slam dunk play that made my jaw drop.

Second Highlight:
Then a fight broke out between a Cav fan and out mascot, The Bear. The Cavs fan had brought a sign that said "The Jazz Stink" and so in my opinion he deserved it.

Utah Jazz Bear Fights Cavs Fan - Watch more Sports

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LindyLouMac said...

Ciao and best wishes for 2011, I am back at last catching up on so much that I missed while I was away from the blogsphere! I hope you are enjoying your own holiday.