Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sick at Sundance

 So my Sundance experience this year was a bust as I received the gift of bronchitis quite early on in the festival and did not get the pleasure of attending much past my bed and a House Wives of Atlanta marathon on TV. This makes me short on stories this year guys. I had to live thru friends which is strange to be there, but not BE there. Anyways, the one story I do have is about the trip home. I, by some miracle, got to fly first class from New York to Milan. Have you ever flown first/business class international? (singing) It's AWESOME!!!!!!
I had my own seat, let's call it a Lazy Boy, with my own interactive TV, reading light, dining table, and pillow and down comforter. I was greeted with a glass of champagne and a set of noise cancelling headphones. As I settled into my seat I read over the menu. Yes a menu, with wine choices and dessert options!
The food was actually good. In the spirit of sharing my experience, here is what I had.
First course:
Pumpkin soup, salmon and artichokes, and mixed green salad with pecans and roasted yellow peppers. Whole wheat bread.

Main course:
Surf and turf, steak and shrimp with a glaze, creamy lemon risotto and sugar snap peas. Pinot Noir.

Dessert course:
Cheesecake and port wine.

Not bad. In fact I was so full from dinner that a couple of hours later when they offered breakfast, I had to refuse. Instead I settled for watching more movies using my personal remote control.
So if you ever get the chance to go somewhere in first class, treat yourself just once. If you are like me instead of playing it cool like it happens all the time, you'll end up taking pictures of everything and telling your friends about it for years to come....or should I say blogging about it.
The only down side is that I am ruined for life. I can never go back to flying coach again. Of course I will but might have the nagging feeling that there has been a mistake.....


Sonia said...

I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I were flying to Texas when we were bumped to Standby. We had seats from Torino to Frankfurt but then once we got to Frankfurt, I had to RUN to the ticket gate (just 20minutes before boarding) and hope they had a seat.. and they did.. FIRST CLASS. The flight to from Frankfurt to Dallas was AMAZING!

Ryan K said...

We were lucky and got upgraded when we went to Rome in 2007. After a few glasses of champagne and a nice filet, I was out like a light until the sweet flight attendant taped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted breakfast and told me we would be landing in Rome in 45 minutes...I actually didn't want to get off the plane.

Now on the way home we didn't get so lucky. Back in the normal seats we got stuck in the middle of a wild family, I didn't sleep the entire time and it was pure HELL :) Glad you got lucky and enjoyed your flight :)