Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Death By Butter

File this story under, "Only In Italy":
P.S. What's next? Death by Nutella?

Sicilian Couple Commits Murder with Butter

(Found on Italymag.co.uk ,words by Natalie Aldern)

 Death by butter” might sound like a delicious and decadent way to go, but for one couple in Sicily butter seemed like the perfect sinister murder weapon.
The Sicilian pair believed that they could get away with murder if butter was their weapon of choice. Their victim was the woman’s ex-husband. She and her new beau hatched a plan to asphyxiate her ex-lover with butter, which would then melt away, leaving no trace of the murder weapon.
Calogero Lo Cocco made the fatal mistake of visiting the home of his ex-wife in Campobello di Licata, in Southern Sicily. The wife and her boyfriend attacked Lo Cocco in their home, suffocating him with butter. When they turned the body over to police, they claimed that Lo Cocco had assaulted them so they had been forced to tie him up, when he suddenly collapsed and died.
Their evil but inventive plot was uncovered when an autopsy revealed butter in the victim’s airways.

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