Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thirty Minus One

Happy Birthday to Pier who over the weekend turned 29, or as my father-in-law put it, 30-1. For his birthday he wanted to have a champagne dinner at our house with his family. I decided to make it an appetiser heaven. It was alot of work but here is what I made.

Il Menu
Roasted potatoes with ricotta and salmon caviar
Baked Gorgonzola  wrapped in prosciutto
Tomo cheese and baked crackers
Smoked salmon with lemon and dill
Marinated artichokes
Whole wheat bread sticks
Ground turkey meatballs with mushrooms on crostini

For dinner we had individual calazones with ricotta, ham, and mozzarella cheese. Sauce on the side.
For dessert I made a cream cheese and mascarpone torte with almonds and cherry marmalade on top.
And even though I was doing dishes for 2 days, a good time was had by all!


labonnefemme1 said...

Great job Chef! Happy Birthday to Pierre!

Leslie said...

Wow, Chels. I'm impressed! Wish I could have been there to enjoy the new taste sensations. I wish Pier a Happy Birthday. Happy B-Day, Pier!