Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Night at Turin's Most Famous Restaurant

The most elegant and famous restaurant in Torino is Il Cambio. It is, of course, not cheap serving traditional Piedmontese style food including agnolotti, grissini, and veal tonnato. They have a never-ending-basement secret-tunnel-wine-cellar and an in house pastry chef. We started our party on the patio.
 We were lucky enough to be invited to a meet 'n' greet aperitif party for a some out of towners and we jumped at the chance to eat there! The bar was open and free flowing and the waiters were dressed like penguins.
Frescos of cherubs watched us while we ate which reminded me that Il Cambio has been there since 1757. Before that is was a changing station for horses for the mail service. That's where it gets it's name, cambio is Italian for exchange.The first prime Minister of Italy ate lunch here everyday, sometimes with the King of Italy together. What history.
The food kept coming and just when I thought it was finished, the desserts arrived. It was probably the most elegant dinner we've had in Torino.


bellatigre said...

Wow! What luck!!!

Toni said...

That sounds wonderful! What was your favourite dish?

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Toni,
My favorite dish was...well the entire cheese table. Yes, there was an entire table just of local cheeses and they were all yummy!