Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A 66 Year Old Family Mystery Solved: Happy 'belated' Memorial Day From Italy

 This is Oscar Glomb. In 1943 he went to Italy to fight in WWII. In 1944, Oscar was injured in a battle near Gavorrano, Tuscany. Shrapnel from an artillery shell ripped through Oscar Glomb's neck, pierced his arms and legs, and left him close to death. The medics believed him to be a gonner but another Texas soldier refused to give up on him and insisted that he be carried off the hill. At some point during that bloody day, the dog tags that Oscar wore around his neck, got lost. Glomb eventually recovered from his wounds, returned to Texas, got married and fathered four children. But, according to his son Steve, Oscar never stopped wishing he could go back to Gavorrano and find his lost tags. Oscar Glomb died in 1998.
In April of this year, Steve, got a call at his home near Austin, Texas. A retired Italian policeman with a metal detector found his father's dog tags in this Tuscan forest.
The policeman kept on tag and sent the other back to Texas where Oscar's widow, Steve's mom, now has it. The family now has that mystery solved.
Happy Memorial Day from Italy!

P.S. I'm off to buy a metal detector....