Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venezia Part 3

On our final night and it was a full moon which for this cynical girl was like, come on they must put that on for tourists! But no Venice really is that romantic.

My impressions of Venice:
Walking around I felt like I was on a movie set. It was all so beautiful that it didn't seem real. I have never been in a city that was so dirty but so magnificent at the same time. Dirty because the algae and mould and damp growing up the buildings and the constant construction waste as well as crowded tourist areas. But I was so busy looking up at the buildings and out at the jade green water that this never is that noticeable. Visiting a city like Venice is wonderful for a few days but then I start to wonder how the every day things are done for someone who lives in Venice. During my time there I saw the fire department, the trash man, the postman, and the police and ambulance all getting around on boat. Can you imagine? The funeral hurst is a gondola and the cemetery is on another island where everything is above ground.

Venice is basically built on wooden sticks pounded into the swampy earth. It's a marvel how it's held up. The first settlers here needed a place that no one else would want to come to as they were fleeing from Attila the Hun. They decided to live in what was then an impossible land that now it is one of the most expensive and desirable place to live. It's defiantly the most desirable place to experience, every nook and moldy cranny of it.


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