Friday, April 4, 2008

Book Review!

In Love In Italy by Monica Larner

In Love in Italy is a guide to the most romantic spots for love birds, honeymooners, or any couple traveling in Italy with "love" on the brain. It is full of pictures with stories and legends, old love rituals, and Italian aphrodisiacs. It’s not a pick up and read from cover to cover book but instead choose a region you might want to go to and read about the local love lore specific that area. I enjoyed not every word of this book because some parts are slow but there are some great highlights and some great suggestions of things to do that the average traveler might never have know about. I pick it up often as Pier and I travel around the country for suggestions.

Quote from book, pg. 111, opening of chapter 6

"Tuscany's epic beauty is the stuff of myth. Say the word Tuscany and snapshots of idyllic Italy come to mind: sun drenched farmhouses framed by vineyards and sensuously curved hills.
When Renaissance master Leonardo de Vinci set out to paint a portrait of the world's most famous femme fatale, the Mona Lisa, he gave lengthy consideration to the appropriate background. It had to enhance her psychical beauty but not overwhelm it, and the scenery had to evoke the viewers' collective, and perhaps unconscious, idea paradise. His solution was to paint the landscape that was closest to his heart, the land where he was born: Tuscany."

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