Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is Cheri:

This is Cheri. (Key air ree). It's got a church on every corner, some good shopping, some strange public bathrooms, and some serious history. You might remember a previous post where I explained that St. Valentine is buried here. Well here is a view of the rest of the town that began as a Roman settlement in 1st century AD.

A few more modern and intresting facts about Chieri are in 1630 there was a major outbreak of the plague affecting the city so much that every year it is still commemorated in a ceremony at the Madonna Delle Grazie church, occurring on September 12. In the 18th century Cheri became a center establishment for the textile trade especially linen and today there are still many fabric shops all over the city. Also they make the best hot chocolate I've had so far.

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