Thursday, April 3, 2008

This Old House

Palazzo Madama is directly in the center of Torino in Piazza Castello. The building itself is a mix mash of 2,000 years of styles. The foundation is Roman, on top of that is a 14th century mid evil fort with towers and the facade has all the "curb appeal" and was the 18th century Savoy addition. Inside is the same where I found Roman ruins, gothic religious art, and the opulent Savoy apartments. Apartments to the Savoy's meant bright colored fabric walls, large paintings, and gold, gold, gold. One section of the Madama reviels the Roman foundation underneth by placing a glass floor above. (see photo of me walking on the glass floor looking down to the ruins) Also at the same time there is always restoration going on. Super travel tip not in the guidebooks: The first Tuesday of every month, entrance is free! You still have to go to the front desk to collect a ticket. Also take the stairs instead of the elevator because you get to see the beautiful structure of the towers. Third tip, it's not necessary to buy the audio guide because there are written english guides in every room.

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luckyman said...

very nice... I also notice that I see the picture for the first time on your blog... but everything is beautiful...seariusoly.. not but serously