Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We made one last stop on our drive back home to Pecetto and that was the little city of Ferarra. As we walked around the main square we quickly felt that pedestrians didn’t have the right of way in this town but it was the bikes that ruled the streets. In fact we later spotted a sign boasting Ferrara as the 'City of Bikes' (Not Beijing but Ferarra).
This town has the coolest 14th century castle with a real and honest to god moat! It was built by the ruling D'Este family who did not forget to include a substantial dungeon, which is part of the fun of visiting it.
We stayed in a 13th century palazzo turned hotel called Hotel Principessa Isabella and had originally belonged to a member of the D'Este royalty. It was beautiful but literally everything was pink, which we weren’t expecting....

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