Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Walk Like An Egyptian

Torino doesn’t just have an Egyptian museum. Torino has the richest and largest collection of Egyptian antiquities next only to Cairo itself. There is something here for everyone because every aspect of ancient Egyptian life is covered. There are real mummies and whole tombs brought over and reassembled. There are paintings and writings and mummified pets, but my absolute favorite is the exhibit from the tomb of Kha and Merit. A husband and wife buried together where they have both lovingly placed everything the other could have possibly wanted or needed in the afterlife. And they really have thought of everything. The everyday objects are the premium bits including a cosmetic set and a real wig. These slippers were a real beloved object for me. If they were selling them in the gift shop, I would have bought a pair. Upon my request, on my 13th birthday my parents took me to the Ramses exhibit that sensationally came threw town. I distinctly remember staring into the face of Ramses mummy and being memorized. Coming face to face with Egyptian civilization will do that to you and you will be hooked for life. There are 30,000 objects here to take in and therefore I plan on going again...and again...

*Check out the website for great educational info and guides threw the museum that change daily.


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