Friday, February 22, 2008

Sorpresa Marketini (Surprise Markets)

I wonder who bought this tomato? They will do anything 'al fresco' here in Italy, and that includes the grocery shopping. You can get everything at the mercato from antiques to jeans and from fresh produce to pots and pans. Some markets are everyday, some once a week, and some once a month. To see when the market is on you have to read the 'Sette' section (comes out Fridays and you have to ask for it at the newsstand) of Torino's 'La Stampa' newspaper. The best way to find a market is when you are just walking around the city; you turn a corner and surprise! There is a market today. That is what happened to me on the day I took this picture. On that day I saw handmade marionette puppets, crocheted cloche hats, and homemade paper with pressed flowers next to the usual fruit and veggie stands.
Torino actually boasts the largest al fresco market in Europe at Porta Palazzo which is held mornings Monday though Saturday. You never know what you might find there...

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