Friday, February 29, 2008

How To Get Free Food in Italy

Listen up! Travel tip coming. Italians eat dinner late. 9:00pm. To late for us non Europeans. But after work many Italians go to the bar for a drink and appetizers. Yes it’s a 9 euro drink but it comes with free food! Most bars put appetizers out as an incentive to stop by their bar on your way home from work and if you choose the right place, the food can be good and plenty. Certainly enough to fill you up as a dinner. The yummy looking food in my photos comes from the Before and After Bar in Torino. At the B & A bar they serve appetizers from about 6pm till 8pm and you can go back as many times as you want even if you are still working on your first drink. Appetizers are best taken advantage of in the summer when the patios are open and there are more people and you can make new friends. On any one given day at the bar you can meet: 4 Stefano's, 3 Andrea's, 2 Lorenzo's, and 1 Guido.

(Pier's friends at the B&A; Andrea, Stefano, and Guido)