Monday, February 18, 2008

Holy Grail in Torino?

The Church of the Gran Madre is one of the most important churches in Torino for many reasons. Built in 1814 it over looks the very large Piazza Vittorio. The obvious inspiration for the neo-classical style of the church is the Pantheon. It stands in a very busy intersection but little of the passers by know the enigma and secrets that engross this church. You see the exciting thing about Gran Madre is that many people believe it was built to hold the Holy Grail and that the grail itself is buried deep beneath its foundation locked up in a secret vault for protection. The one and only clue to that fact the grail is here is the statue just outside called "Faith" (see photo) that is holding up a grail to the sky almost toasting the city itself congratulating its success.
Just last week there was more scandal and controversy. The church had a break-in and two items were stolen from the altar. The Italian Carabinieri police believe it was Satanists that struck at one of Turin's most famous churches, stealing a glass vial of holy water and a missal, or prayer book. Nobody accept the buglers know why it was stolen or what use it would be to them. That, I believe, is ample information for me to ponder over my coffee today.....

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