Friday, February 15, 2008

Come Stay at My "Hunting Lodge"

What the Medici’s were to Florence, the Savoy's were to Torino. A visit to their greatest residence 'La Reggia di Venaria Reale' will quickly let you understand just how powerful they were. The start of its build was in 1658 for Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy as a "hunting lodge" which in 17th century rich people terms is code for "a big and ostentatious palace I'll use on the weekends". One of the most impressive bits about this visit is the 'Gallery of Diana' which is where the comparisons of Versailles came in. What is also brilliant about Reggia is the fact that it's still being restored. It laid in ruin for years and is now carefully and slowly being brought back to its glory and as a visitor I was able to see the process in action! Photos were frowned upon but I did take this one because you just can't help it. I mean look at it.......

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