Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hidden Treasure on my Backdoor

Just in time for Valentine's Day I have discovered a hidden away secret here in northern Italy! On a walk threw Chieri (pronounced 'key-air-ree') a town just outside of Torino, I found La Chiesa di San Filippo. Gorgeous on the outside, gorgeous on the inside. Upon wondering in off the street I found a non advertised plus; buried here is St. Valentine himself! His tomb is on the right side of the church just sitting there with no pomp or circumstance but beautiful and surrounded by candles that worshipers come and light daily. The only clue of the treasure inside is the crowned heart relief carved into the very top of the Baroque-style face-brick church fa├žade.
I admit that the grave of a Saint is not the most romantic place to go for Valentines Day but I must say that knowing the man himself is resting so near where I can pop in and ask for advice, mend a broken heart, or share the love made me light a candle. Now who San Filippo is a whole other story....

Happy Valentine's Day!

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