Saturday, June 11, 2011


  The kids of Jersery Shore are still in Italy but I think they forgot to give a shout out to St. Christopher (Patron Saint of Travellers) before they arrived because they keep running into trouble every where they go. Shocker. Perhap St. Acarius is more their style.
The latest trouble comes from Snooki who crashed her car into...your gona love Italian police car. The same police who were trying to escort them around town. The two police in the car, had to go to the hospital but are ok. Oh ya, so is Snooki.

I have 2 questions. 1.Why is she allowed to drive in Italy? 2. Where was she going? Florence is small enough to walk anywhere and even when she arrived, there would be NO parking.

The mayor of Florence, who sounds quite smart and speaks good english, laid down a few ground rules before they arrive and they were: No drinking and/or public drunkenness, No flights, no disturbing the peace, no blocking traffic, and a enforced curfew. Yet they still managed to get in a car accident.  I'm sure the accident will be in the show, are you watching?

Image of saint from Select Italy:

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