Friday, June 3, 2011

The Restaurant is Where?

  Last night we had a unique dining experience in Sestri Levante. We caravaned in 3 scooters and drove 4 towns over to Sestri. We arrived, we parked, I looked up and saw that the restaurant was waaaaay up there.
Which means we had to climb about 400 steps to get there. This was a surprise to me, who was dressed inappropriately in heeled black leather boots and a dress.
Any restaurant requiring that much work to get to just has to be good, which is what I kept telling myself at about step number 300.
We ordered family style and that started off with many plates of fish appetizers including octopus salad, pickled swordfish, marinated anchovies, tuna with basil, and perhaps the best focaccia I have ever had. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and you can taste the olive oil with a hint of rosemary.
The 1st plate was a green pasta with a light fish sauce and a touch of garlic.
The 2nd plate was the large white fish, boghe. Served with potatoes, oil and baked tomatoes. Simple, healthy and delicious. It arrived to our table in one big piece and then our waiter sliced it up, de-boned it and served it piping hot and fresh out of the oven.
The restaurant: Nua Natua or Natra Nostra (our nature), depending on which dilect you speak.
Web Site:
Enjoy, just be sure to wear good shoes!


Fern Driscoll said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip. Looks like it is truly worth the effort to get there.

Natalie said...

Sounds delicious! And what a view!