Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Fiat 500 Takes on America

  It's official! The Torino made Fiat 500 (or cinquecento in Italian) has been named the #1 coolest car under $18,000 in America according to Kelly Blue Book's "Best, Coolest and Top 10 Lists" competition. Let's be honest, the 500 is dang cute right!?
The 500 has been knocking around for years in Italy (since 1957) and has never really lost it's popularity, even when the factory took a long break from making them in 1975. Much like the Mini Cooper, a cute car with a vintage pedigree is just now is coming to America.
Would you drive one?


Fern Driscoll said...

It's my not-so-secret dream to replace my 1995 heap with a 500 when we get back to the STates... but who knows? It is one cool little car.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

It ... She was my first car, my first kiss, my best part of life: youth !