Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You Greedy?

   My new favorite cooking show is a recently aired BBC series called Two Greedy Italians I was a fan of the show in the first minute of watching it because the chemistry between Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo reminds me of Jack Lemmon  and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. They also visit the most beautiful places in Italy and cook delicious food that I believe you could easily copy at home. Another interesting angle of the show explores why the young women in Italy have stopped learning how to cook and pass on their families traditional recipes,which yielded some interesting answers.

Two other fun facts I learned: 1. Marco Polo did NOT bring pasta to Italy. It was a Roman invention. 2. The birth of the Pizza Margherita came out of a Cholera epidemic.

Take a peek....


Dallas Shaw said...

I cannot wait to see more of this!

marybeth said...

I loved the video...thanks so much for sharing the link! There are so many more to see, available on YouTube. Really superb!