Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Out My Window: Torino Pride

  What was out my window this weekend was one of my favorite days in Torino, the Gay Pride Parade. The pride parade is always so much fun and colorful. There is always music, dancing, and glitter.


Michael said...

How fun! Right under your window too. Did you go down to see the parade up close? How long has your town been having Gay Pride parades?

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Michael! You're right I could go down for a close up view but I love being able to take in the whole thing from my window. I don't know how long the parade has been happening in Torino but since I've been there, for 3 years, there has been one. I think they might copy some American slogans (or British) because many of their shout-outs and signs are in english. Thanks for checking out my blog!