Sunday, May 8, 2011

Empty Villas in Camogli

  Last night we took the scooter to Camogli for a nice dinner. The menu was not in Italian but in Genovese and so we had to do some double translation. After all that I decided to take the most mysterious dishes on the menu. For appetiser I ordered "Nonna's appetiser" and for dinner I ordered "Nonna's pasta". I figured if Nonna was making it, no matter what it was, it would be good. I was right. The appetiser was a mix of puff pastries with different kinds of warm melted cheeses. The pasta was corzetti with a lovely tomato sauce full of artichokes.
As is customary, we took a passigato before dinner and found some beautiful sea views. The sun was setting. The sail boats were out and the colors were warm.
What I couldn't believe was how many of these villas along the coastline are abandoned. That's right! Loads of the homes in these pictures have been empty for years. Maybe the owners passed and the family feuded or didn't want them, who knows?! What I do know is that the cats and pigeons that live there now have million dollar views and that baffles me.

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BruttiBuoni said...

Nonna was one busy gal! I love the idea of scootering somewhere for dinner! BTW, why do Italian cats in particular always have that "knowing" look?