Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Go to the Beach in Italy

  This weekend we had 2 different Italian beach experiences. One we had to pay for and the other one was free, both great but very different. Sadly, in Italy most beaches must be paid for to enjoy. Prime sandy real estate is privately owned and fenced in and you must pay a fee to enter and soak up the salt and sun.
On Saturday we went to a beach in Rapallo that included 1 small rocky beach area, 1 cafe, and several wooden decks built to jetty out onto the sea. Rapallo is located in the Tigillo Bay and not only has beautiful sea views but is surrounded by mountainous terrain. This makes the beaches rare and rocky. A rare and desired commodity is always expensive.
The Fees:
Entrance only (bringing your own towel): 5 euros
Entrance with chair rental: 15 euros
Entrance with chair and sun umbrella: 20 euros
Entrance with 2 chair rentals and 1 umbrella: 25 euros

The Rules:
You can stay all day at this price, the beach we attended was open from 9am to 6pm. There are no dogs or other pets allowed. You may not bring in any of your own food. Drinks and food may be purchased at the cafe. I had a lovely pesto pasta for 13 euros. There is no other shop inside so if you forgot your sun block or busted a flip flop, you are out of luck. Naked children run wild and a few topless women as well. The upside of a fee beach is that is is clean and maintained well and the bathrooms are are attended to. There is no re-entry if you want to leave and come back, you must pay again.
Tomorrow, our other weekend beach experience......


Fern Driscoll said...

Hey Chelsea ~ have you tried the beach in Paraggi? To me it is the best one in the area (though a friend tells me the beaches in Sestri are fantastic). If you go to the public beach (sand!) go early - it fills up fast. There are some lovely rock platforms before you reach Paraggi proper, but they fill up quickly too... Happy swimming. Oh! Also Zoagli - take the passagiata along the sea that heads east - great swimming from the rocks there... and all free.

Italian Postcards said...

OMG! Fern, Thanks for the great tips. I will take note of all of them.