Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Highlights from Eurovision 2011

 This year at the Eurovision Song Contest, Italy placed a very respectable 2nd place. I really liked the song they submitted. It had a jazzy vintage feel.

*Side note, it's not just how good the singer is, but how good the song is, hence the name eurovision SONG contest.*
The winner was Ell and Nikki from Azerbaijan (Ya, I didn't know either. It's in Eastern Europe), singing "Running Scared". The rain of fireworks at the end is pretty awesome.

My honorable mention, Serbia! Somehow this song gets stuck in your head even though you might not understand one word.

The REALLY? mention goes to Ireland. Jedward was the best they could send?

And my personal favorite for oh sooo many reasons of which I will list here, Denmark.
1. Hottest singer in the whole contest, and that includes Blue. Sorry UK.
2. I love any song when the music stops in the middle for clapping.
3. I am Danish/American
4. Leather pants.

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