Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discover Something New About Your City: Part 5

Palazzo Lascaris
  Most of the palazzos in Torino, and probably elsewhere in Italy, are owned by the region and have been converted into banks or city offices. At certain times of the year they are opened to the public.The bones of these aristocratic estates usually remain in tact, the art, grand chandeliers, some furniture, and fountains, etc. This one is not in the guidebooks so you kinda have to be in-the-know, luckily you have me. Palazzo Lascaris was build in 1665 during Torino's Baroque period. This palazzo is huge and this palazzo is gorgeous. It is in the heart of the city so easily walked to but down a street you probably wouldn't walk down unless you were going to the main post office.

The highlight of this palazzo, for me, is the inside courtyard. It's mix of fountains, columns, arches, statues, and sparkling glass windows (very similar to the windows in Palazzo Madama) make for a dazzling entrance. Inside, the second floor was the family living quarters and it's parquet wooden floors, damask draped walls, and frescoed ceilings are preserved well for their age. As always when I tour a grand estate, I try to imagine living everyday life there. As always, it's hard to imagine... but fun.

You can virtualy visit every room in the palazzo on their great website here

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beppe said...

actually the most of palazzos belongs to the city authority ;)