Sunday, May 23, 2010


 It is established in Pier's family that I am now the internet selling expert. At each and every christening, birthday, communion or other family gatherings we attend it is inevitable that I will go home with something from someone's grandma's attic that they would like for me to sell online. This last time it was this teddy bear.
 The value of this one stumped me because teddy bears have a value of ten bucks to thousands. Luckily for things like this, I know a guy. I did an online appraisal from Auctionwally. He is a professional appraiser I listen to his radio program online. It fills the void I have for the Antiques Road Show. Anyways here is what he said:

"AW says:  Although he’s adorable and indeed has some age,  the market for stuffed toys with significant damage is pretty low. If he’s hard packed with straw, he could be a Steiff, but with his left ear missing it’s difficult to say, as this is where they often inserted a metal button with the company’s name on it. It’s of little consequence anyway because with the ear missing, I’m afraid the value is low anyway."
Circa 1900-30
Retail value: $25
Wholesale value $10

Sadly he's not going to pay for our next vacation but it was so cool to learn that he is about 100 years old! I have no idea where that ear could have gone?


labonnefemme1 said...

Love your new banner, I am trying to catch up on all of your posts! So busy!

Anonymous said...

your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! ........................................