Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night at the Opera

Last night I went to the opera. The The Barber of Seville by Rossini was playing at the Teatro Regio which is conveniently and literally located right across the street from my house. Because it is next door, I was early to the theatre and was able to take a few pre-show pictures but first and more importantly, this is what I wore. A royal blue velvet dress and a black velvet blazer over with cage heels and peacock feather earrings.

Now the Torino theater is quite modern as far as theatres in Italy go. The ceiling was purple and the chandeliers has some florescent lights in them.
A lone violinist warming-up.
The performance was molto bravo with the character Figero, of course, stealing the show with his comedic antics. But my favorite character was the butler who was always doing something hilarious in the background plus he was slow like Lurch from The Adams Family.
At the end the cast let us know that the government has cut most of the funding given to their and other theatres and sadly they will have to have less performances. I hope that this is only a temporary set back, after all what would Italy be without the opera? For me, going to the opera was a 100% Italian experience that everyone must do at least once.

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