Sunday, May 2, 2010

Does The Pope Wear a Funny Hat?

Yes he does! I know because I just saw him this morning. He drove (in the Popemobile) threw the city and past our house on his way to see the Shroud and to have a mass in Piazza San Carlo in honor of the Shroud. All of Torino came out to see Il Papa.

Waiting for Il Papa:
Security ready:
 He is coming around the corner:
 Here he is!! We were quite close:

People went crazy like he was a rock star. They were yelling "Yea Papa!".

Then he made it to the piazza and began the mass. We went back home to listen to it out of out window, 1. because there were just soooo many people, and 2. you needed a ticket to be in the piazza. I took a little bit of video to remember the singing and to show you guys how the music could be heard throughout the entire city.

And of course a hallelujah for good measure:

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此處是值得一探究竟的好部落格!! ........................................