Sunday, May 30, 2010

Discover Something New About Your City, Part 2

Fun fact about Torino #2

Did you know that it is illegal to stick out you tongue at someone in Italy?
Yep as of this year there is a new law that makes it against the law, findable even, to stick you tongue out at someone.
Italy has strict laws regarding “insult” which, under Article 594 of the Penal Code, is often seen as a slur on the victim’s dignity or honour. It is punishable by six months’ imprisonment plus a fine of up to 516 euros. In cases that amount to a slander committed in front of many people the penalties can be doubled. Under Friday’s ruling poking your tongue out or sneering at someone are regarded as offences to their honour.

So all of you that have plans of visiting Italy, beware! Leave you tongue inside your mouth or you  just might find yourself in a heap of trouble with the polizia.

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