Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today I Got a Private Concert (by accident)!

I'll explain: I drove into the Moncalieri city center for some general errands and I parked next to a very old and very large church. I have never been inside this church and I noticed after parking that the door was open and I could hear the faint sound of music. I decided to poke my head in and take a look around. As you might know, these mid evil churches are full of wonderful paintings and inspiring sculpture but today I received a different kind of artistic treat.

One person was inside the church and it happened to be the organ player practicing some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. And I have just stumbled into it by accident. Let me try and paint the scene for you. I was sitting in a 600 year old Italian church, alone, being treated to a private classical music concert. Every time I got up to leave, another beautiful song would begin and I had to sit back down. It is not something I could really take a picture of but I did take a picture of the little staircase that leads up to the organ. You can get the idea. (Coundn't get a good picture but top image is the organ player sitting above the main doorway.)
I finally left the church, music still going, and I had a parking ticket on my car. I didn't care.


industrialpoppy said...

A lovely post from a beautiful blog!


What an absolutely beautiful thing to happen, great blog :0)

Diaomnd Sprinkles said...

Reading your experience gave me goose bumps how cool would that be.