Sunday, August 24, 2008

Italians On Vacation

What I learned about Italians on vacation at the sea side in Rapallo.

1. The tanner you are, the better vacation you had. When I say tan, I mean baked in the sun until you are the color of burnt toast. This includes all Italians of all ages even your nonna. The topic of how tan you are is the first thing mentioned when you meet up with your friends. It's almost a contest. Also, topless is the norm for all ages also. This includes up to 70 years of age, I'm not exaggerating. 2. You have to eat at the best restaurants in the evening. You must be sat outside so everybody can see you and you can see everyone. You should be wearing a dress that shows off how tan you are. Italian women must wear their high heels and never flip flops as they are taking their evening strolls or passeggiata. Men wear the preppy sweaters tied around their necks.
3. Nobody drives their cars at the sea. You must only get around by Vespa. I stuck out on a couple of these points as I am from Danish decent and I am whiter than white. I covered myself head to toe with sunblock at which Pier's family just laughed and laughed at. Also I did wear flip flops which I'm sure everyone in Rapallo just pointed and smiled and said, 'Look it's an American.' At least I didn't wear a fanny pack...

This was the AMAZING art inside the gazebo at Rapallo:


smittenkittenorig said...

Your blog is absolutely lovely & witty! Your time in Italia looks like it was well spent & your photos are perfection. :D I'm linking to you so I can check in regularly.;)

Brandon said...

what a great blog! Nice to meet you Chelsea. Married for love now in Italy, what a fairy tail. You are blessed. Off to check out your store.


artis1111 said...

Love the photos!. I loved the painting of the girl on a ladder. I just had my 100 post on Fri. Kathy

kim* said...

you remind me of titanic in that pic :)