Saturday, August 16, 2008

She Sleeps With the Fishes Now! (but it was a good thing)

That was a Godfather joke. Actually it was more like we swam and lounged with the fishes. Let me explain; today we took the boat out to Paraggi Cove, a place where people park their boats and swim, have lunch etc. Pier and I decided to go for a snorkel. We jumped into the Mediterranean and no sooner had we put on our masks and looked down did we realize that we had landed right in the middle of a school of fishes. It seemed like thousands were surrounding us so thank goodness they were friendly. Also Pier and his brother Tommy decided to do some fancy dives off the boat like this:

It's the captain, Emilio, that takes us sailing and his son the first mate, Evio, that cooks all our meals. We have been eating well. Spaghetti with clams in red sauce, grilled fish and potatoes, mozzarella and tomato salad. Emilio and Umberto taking the boat out below:

Our view from the boat at night is lovely! Until tommorrow, a domani.

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Wow, that's my kind of boat trip. Sounds like you're having a blast:)