Saturday, August 30, 2008

This Weekend in the News...Me!

When it seems like everyone and their grandma has a blog, it's nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers. Twice this week little 'ol me was lucky enough to get "press" from some really cool people.
1. Sara Lombard writes a great blog called Lilly Queen where she showcases her handmade jewlery and her Etsy store. Catch her store here:

She has been highlighting several other Etsy sellers and I was lucky enough to get a profile done on me! See it here:

2. Thrilled By the Thought website at: added me to her blog when she chose me as the "Blog of the Week" of August 15th! How cool is that? She describes her blog as follows:

"This blog is about all things pretty (and occasionally ugly) that excite and dazzle me! Here you can find reviews, information, and fun stuff about art, music, culture, novels, and the likes."

She wrote a short description and posted a link from her page to my site.

Now in a cheep stunt to garner more press attention, a picture of my Amore,Pier pre haircut: Sexy!

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