Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scenes from the Holiday Weekend in Rapallo

  It was Labor Day weekend in Italy and everyone and their grandma were at the seaside for their first chance to sun bath of the season.


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hello Chelsea,
I just watched you and Pier find a house on House Hunters International. I thought I would try to "find" you on the WEB and "poof" there you were!! What fun for you to live what many women dream of ie., meeting a handsome man and moving to Europe!
I will be a new follower! I glanced back at your older postings. You are absolutely right when you say "Boobs are just boobs!" I am one of the few in my rural Ontario home who bares her chest to gather some rays!!!
Keep blogging!!!
Kind regards, Laura

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Laura! Welcome, so glad you saw the show and found me. Thank you for your encourgaing comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi can you help me with som suggestions to where to stay if you are going to Parbello for a holiday with your family? hope you can help me, love your blog:)

Anonymous said...

rapello not parbello:)

Italian Postcards said...

It can get pricy to stay in the area but this website might help.


Treviso Tourism said...

I loved admiring this photo material, thanks for posting it.