Monday, April 30, 2012

Naked Ladies

  There is a building next to our house in Rapallo that has a lovely fresco on the outside full of pretty pastel naked ladies. Nudes have always been a classic subject in art and when they are in public like this then it seems that the naughty-ness is taken away and even children will see that it's art and boobs are well, just boobs. But I know that this fresco would never find a place in the States. I can see it now, fresco goes up. A thousand religious and modesty protest groups are formed. A Janet Jackson-like witch hunt on every talk radio show until the pressure forces the powers that be to form an art committee with a fine for every nip slip that might come in contact with an elementary school trip. This is a lesson that we can take from the Italians, who by the way sun tan nude when ever possible, boobs are just boobs.

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Anonymous said...

To be precise, sunbathing in the nude is forbidden in Italy. Lots of women lie in the sun in what we call 'topless', that is wearing no bra.
P.S Reading your blog is fascinating: I'm Italian and I live in Genoa and I enjoy seeing Italy through your eyes :)