Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fabulous Brands From Italy That You've Never Heard Of But Should Have

Torino Brands 
Superga: Italy's version of Keds. Every Italian at one time in their life will own a pair of these and just like Keds, they have come in every color and pattern including themed pairs for the Olympics, fashion week, Disney, etc. Supurga

Kappa: Since 1978 Kappa has been the major brand for sportswear in Italy. They make clothes for and sponsor every major sports event as well has making streetwear for the non-sporting of us. Kappa

Fratelli Rossetti: For both men and women, these guys make the BEST and most stylish oxfords around. If you are ever looking for me check the Fratelli Rossetti shop window and you will find me there...drooling. If I was only allowed to wear one brand of shoes for the rest of my life it would be these guys. Fratelli Rossetti

Borsalino: This shop has been making stylish hats for men and women since 1856 and they are still going strong today. I am a strong advocate for bringing the hat back for everyday and this shop shares my cause. Fedoras, cloches and wedding hats. Borsalino

Borbonese: Everybody knows that great leather goods come out of Italy but Borbonese is the only company licenced to produce products from the Italian mountain goat called the camoscio. This exclusivity makes it one of the most popular purse brands in Italy.


Ironic Lee said...

Dear Chelsea, I have not for a moment forgotten you. I tweeted your vintage shop for you on my account & wished I had saved my comments re: twitter & it's various uses pertaining to your needs; should you so desire.
Unfortunately, I have been sick & this is where I must confess s.t. that I don't like to do. I have an 'aggressive' (dr talk) form of lupus sle, R.A. & laundry list of other autoimmune diseases. I had been trying to keep that from my little world of Twitter as I wanted to keep that for creative + writing project connections. A friend from Facebook (where it's mostly getting the word out re: autoimmune disease) found out I was on Twitter and now it's pretty much out there. I should 'evangelize' wherever I can but it was nice to Tweet once a day even if dead sick just to feel like my old self (company manager of major theatrical co., travel, sole Gen Contractor of 20 unit housing site (on the side), taking care of thousands of pple. 365,24/7 except for 3 days when I avoided planes, cells, & pple. driving 6 miles to water & quite cabin.I have closet fulls of fancy outfits; often changing 2-3 x's a day for director dinners, opening night parties, etc.)Until I got sick. And that's a whole other story; it's a death sentence when it gets this far but with all drugs drs given me to block my immune system from attacking me, I often get sick. I must say that I have been trying to get some other info for you & writing it down. I will send you a new post soon; just wanted you to know I haven't disappeared into the webisphere! All my best, Lee Tyler

Ironic Lee said...

you will laugh at this but the writer in me must correct the possessive form of it to 'its' in the first part of comments...I cannot help myself ;)