Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cafe Torino

  The 5 oldest cafes in Torino are all located in the city center. 2 in Piazza Castello and 3 in Piazza San Carlo. I love love love these cafes. The waiters wear tuxedos. The inside decor is centuries years old. The smell of coffee is intoxicating and the history is stimulating. Cafe Torino is one of these cafes and I finally went in with my camera to snap a shot or 2.
After a traditional cappuccino at the bar and a significant amount of people watching, I snap a shot of the elegant staircase. It was closed off to the public so I'm still not sure what's upstairs. I asked the cashier how old is this cafe and she answered, "oh about a hundred years, give or take a few." Is that all?, I said.


Fern Driscoll said...

What a gorgeous staircase. I can smell the coffee!

Lynn said...

The staircase is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your life in Torino. Years before you were born, I caught the measles and spent a week recuperating in Torino, so my memories are not the happiest, but you show the most beautiful side of the city!