Thursday, May 10, 2012

Before and After Restoration of the Gazebo in Rapallo

  One of my very favorite spots in Rapallo is the city gazebo with a stunning 19th century mural inside representing the allegory of music. One day, to my horror, they decided it needed a low cost restoration, you can see in this before picture where the paint is fading.
After restoration, you can see where they just half-ass plastered over the artwork.



Elizabeth said...

They ruined something that should not have been touched, unless by the was beautiful as it was...What a shame. I can see why this was upsetting. Do you think they are finished? Maybe they ran out of funds to finish? I hope so...We'll make ourselves feel better by believing the latter.

Italian Postcards said...

Ciao Elizabeth! I am sorry to say that they are finished. In Italy there is falling art and Roman ruins and crumbling castles everywhere.