Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Maestro Strikes Again at McItaly

  The second burger on the menu designed by 3 time Michelin star Chef Marchesi has arrived at our local McDonald's. Like the good blogger I am, I tried it for you. It's called the Adagio and it is unique to say the least. This time on top of your burger you will find an eggplant mousse, ricotta salata (the hard ricotta), chunks of grilled eggplant, and tomatoes topped with a soft bun encrusted with toasted almonds. It comes with a panettone tiramisu for dessert.
 I will say that this hamburger is better then the Vivace (the spinach burger), but still eggplant is not the most delicious topping. That is obvious but I still gave it a fighting chance. I know that this burger was not created for me. It was created for an Italian palette and good thing because it would never be successful in America and that's saying a lot because we put a lot of stuff on our burgers including blue cheese, onion rings, bbq sauce, mushrooms, bacon....

I often hear Italians criticizing the out of control toppings that Americans put on pizzas, specifically the meat lovers and cheese lovers verities. "Sacrilege", they say. So allow me to say, "back at you". Putting spinach and/or eggplant on a perfectly good meat patty is hamburger sacrilege. I applaud the creativity but keep trying.

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EPiccioneB said...

Being an American of Italian decent, this sounds delicious to me!!!