Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eat Here: Ristorante da O Batti

 It was the promise of the best scampi in Liguria that lured us to U Batti last Monday night, the small restaurant in Portofino with a big local reputation. The moment we sat down we were given the "tools" we would need for our dining experience. They consisted of claw pliers and a giant bib.
There is no menu at U Batti. Instead our waiter rambled off the dishes that the chef had prepared for that evening.
We started off with a local white wine, Bianchetta. It was 13% volume which is quite high actually. This was my first Bianchetta and I found it a perfect compliment with fish dishes. Luckily we have Pier's father who always picks the wine and he is right on every time. Once I asked him how he does it and he told me this wise advice, "Always order the local wine and you will never go wrong."
Starters included fish and pesto because this is Liguria after all. Boghe with a cream pesto sauce and toasts with red pepper and pesto cream.
 Firsts included pasta with...more pesto and bread.
Then came the main event, the scampi. A sumptuous plate of fresh steamed 'mini lobsters' covered in butter and olive oil.
Finished off with a shot of lemoncello and a licorice infused sugar cube.

Ristorante da O Batti
Vico Nuovo, 17
Portofino, Genova
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LeeLee said...

Looks delicious. What a lovely restaurant.