Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flavor of the Month

  The flavor of the month of November at Grom is a good one. Merengue flavor base with lots of chunks of marron glacè (candied chestnuts). Brovo Grom and may I say, YUM.
If you are not full aquainted with these ingredients then let me show you.

Plus this:
A great fall flavor, don't you think?


Seni said...

I love their licorice flavored gelato!! I had it in Venice and tried to order it again in NYC but it was only seasonal.

Italian Postcards said...

Ooh Seni, I have never tried that one before but I will try it next time it's in season. Thanks for the reccomend.

Clara said...

I tried it last night and it was amazing!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

giulia@torinostyle said...

Yum! I have to try it asap... only 10 days left