Monday, November 7, 2011

  Last night I watched the Miss World competition. It was a welcomed distraction from all of the rain, flooding, and terrible wreckage that has plagued my little part of the world this week. The winner was Miss Venezuela who had the best smile and the worst dress. A fluffy pink monstrosity that lacked... well, taste but certinaly grabbed your attention.
We, of course had our eyes on Miss Italy who was one of the only contestants who had very short hair which I thought was not only quite modern of her but also very un-italian like.
Miss USA, didn't even make the top 30. I couldn't even find a picture of her at the pageant. I was rooting for Miss South Africa, she was stunning. Miss Scotland would have been my runner up.

The theme of Miss World is "Beauty with a Purpose" which means they do a lot of charity work, and that's lovely but it made me giggle because the hostess kept saying "Beauty with a Porpoise". ha ha ha ha, anyways,

Frivolous and totally cheesy entertainment had by all. Now it's back to preparing for the Po River to flood our city which is predicted to start tonight. 

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