Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Ever Happened to the Last King of Italy?

  Umberto II of savoy was the last king to rule Italy. He live from 1904 to 1983 but gave up his thrown in 1946 and fled Italy during the throws of WWII.

Umberto's career life was mostly a military one. Umberto lost the love of the people when his father Victor Emanuele III appointed Mussolini to run the country with a tight fist. His bad politics made for an assassination attempt in 1929, with the shooter shouting, "Down with Mussolini!". The bullet just missed the Umberto. In 1946 Victor and his queen left the country in the middle of the night to Egypt. Umberto tried to take over for his father but after one month he abandoned his people and country as well fleeing to first Switzerland and then permanently to Portugal. A referendum was made. The royal house of Savoy, a dynasty since 1061 and the ruling kings of Italy since 1861, were banished from ever setting foot in Italy again. That included any future airs. 

The last king of Italy died in 1983 exiled in Portugal.

Today the Savoy family is still going strong with Umberto's son and grandson living comfortable in France. The media often keeps us updated with their vacations, marriages, and other activities. But I can't help but think about where the royal family would be today if they had not fled.

(in italian but interesting and full of good footage)

Vittorio Emanuelle, son of Umberto II

Vittorio Emanuelle's son, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia

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