Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Restaurant Review: Creuza de Ma

  It's often the small hole in the wall's that surprise you. An unassuming place, small but super packed because everyone else seems to be in on the secret that the good food is here. Creuza de Ma is right on the water in a tiny cove in Genova full of 20-somethings smoking in wine bars. It has a short but creative menu of not-so-traditional Genovese fish specialties. We had...

Appetizer: Warm radicchio, pear, and shrimp salad

1st Plate: Black risotto and frutti di mare with a balsamic reduction
Dessert: Dark chocolate envelope with fragoline and brandy sauce
Ristorante Creuza de Mä
Piazza Nettuno, 2
Boccadasse, 16146 
Reservations: #010-3770091

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LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a fabulous find, the food looks delicious.